No Harm Products

organic. UK-grown.
packaging-free. fair prices. 

Just bring a container, fill it up, and choose your price; it is that simple.
Every first saturday of the month, 10am till 5pm, at food trailer by Seasons, Forest Row, East Sussex.
No Harm Products is a non-profit providing  zero-waste, organic, and UK-grown food at accessible prices.

why no harm products?

We dream of a world where healthy, nourishing food is available to everyone; a world where people are connected to where their food comes from and how it grows. We dream of a world where farmers and producers act as stewards to the land, implementing practices that harmonise with the surrounding ecosystem.

We believe that this dream is possible and it begins by us making healthy choices, both for people and the planet. Every action we make is carving the future: let's make it beautiful.

We are driven by three principles:
Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Earth care: We only source organic produce, free from pesticides and fertilisers to support a healthy and thriving ecosystem. This ensures our rivers, soils and bodies remain happy and healthy. We are also 100% plastic free (even the food we buy in bulk comes in paper sacks, which we compost to nourish the soil!) and encourage people to bring their own containers so that we can cut down on all forms of single-use.
People care: We promote self responsibility and self-reliance so people can empower themselves. We also promote community and collaboration.
Fair share: Organic and earth-friendly food are often considered too expensive for ordinary budgets. That's why we operate via a sliding scale, giving the opportunity for people to pay what they can.

About no harm products

Our food choices are fundamental to securing a better future: the current, industrial agricultural system is responsible for the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions (c. 25%), water use (70%), and biodiversity loss. It is also a major contributor to water pollution, with agricultural run-off leading to algal blooms, marine dead zones, and the depletion of aquatic (and terrestrial) life. Alternatives are there, but they are often viewed as too expensive or accessible.

No Harm Products was set up in December 2021 with the intention to make traceable, organic, UK-grown and packaging-free food accessible to all. The founders (Zofia and Joanna) were also inspired to establish it as a fundraising tool for Friends of the River Medway, with 100% of its profits going towards helping restore the River back to its vital self.
Catch No Harm Products on the first Saturday of every month - 10am till 5pm - to get delicious, nutritious and earth-friendly foods. Location: the black trailer next to Seasons, Forest Row.
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