World Food Waste Day: Learn New Skills
September 29, 2022 7:00 PM
September 29, 2022 9:00 PM
Seasons Cafe

Thursday 29th September

World Food Waste Day

7pm to 9pm 

Seasons Cafe 

Free event, register for tickets here.

Globally, a third of food produced is wasted; in 2018, British households threw away the equivalent of 10.5 billion meals. This not only represents a loss of food - in a world where many find it difficult to put food on the table - but also a loss of resources. Every piece of food wasted is also a waste of the water, pesticides and fertilisers (natural or otherwise), and energy used to grow that food. 23.3% of global freshwater reserves are lost growing food that ends up in the bin/compost.

Join us to find out what you can do to prevent food waste from happening: learn practical skills such as fermentation, “scraps” cooking, and shopping mindfully; find out what local initiatives are doing to reduce waste; share ideas on how we can move forwards as a community; and enjoy free tapas and delicious treats made from rescued food.

The Seasons cafe will also be selling organic cakes, teas, coffees and alcohol.

Limited spaces available. Please register for your free ticket via this link.

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