Winners of the Spring and Summer Art Competition 2021

August 31, 2021

Winners of the Spring and Summer Art Competition 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our first River Art Competition. It has been beautiful receiving all of the different submissions and witnessing how the River touches everyone in different ways. A big thank you also to all of the businesses that provided so generously; the competition would not have been able to go forwards without your kindness and goodwill. Many of the prizes are being saved for our future competitions, with the intention being that we will run regular River Art Competitions to coincide with the seasons (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter). By doing so, we hope to create a community art collection in honour of the River Medway in all of her flavours.

Without further delay, the winners of the Spring and Summer Art Competition 2021 are:

Age Group: Over 18s

Joint 1st Place: Christopher Mole and Katie Melson

Medium: Photographs

Christopher Mole

Judge's Comments:

The judges were impressed by the way the artist had proportioned his composition so that a golden river of buttercups lead towards the River as an ‘invitation’ to find Her.

They felt that the observation of the positioning of trees leading the eye towards infinity against a softly clouded sky was reflective of the qualities of flowing waters.

They also felt that the river, being somewhat obscured, reflected  our own hopes at FORM that members of the community will venture out and find their own way to discovering this treasure in our midst.

Congratulations, Christopher.

Katie Melson

Judge's Comments:

The judges were impressed by the way the artist had composed her photograph and how she had taken herself actually into the waters, giving us, the river’s perspective.

They were also impressed by the subjects within the work, that being of fallen trees and thus decay -including damage to the riverbank as well as that of regrowth and the blooming of riverside plants. They also noted the way the artist had captured reflections and movement within the flowing waters.

It was felt that this work encapsulated beautifully, many themes that FORM wish to bring forward in the community with regard to the contact and care of the river.

Congratulations, Katie.

Age Group: 5-10 years old

1st Place: Delilah

Medium: Pen and colour drawing

Delilah (Age 8)

Judge's Comments:

The judges were extremely impressed by multiple aspects of the artist’s work:

Firstly, how she had depicted the River Medway flowing through the heart of the community in such vibrancy and power and then flowing onward and off of the page.

Secondly, her powerful message of “All is One” - that all life is One Energy.

And thirdly, the judges were intrigued by the further representations of water and energy. The balance of mystery and clarity was felt to beautifully represent the hopes of FORM - that  by each individual connecting to the River Medway,  all may discover the message, the mystery, the magic and the importance of our Waters.

Congratulations, Delilah.

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