New Year New River

January 5, 2022

New Year New River

Happy New Year!

We hope that you have had a magical start to 2022 and are feeling rejuvenated and excited for the year ahead.

2022 feels like it is ripe for change: it feels like it is the year that Rivers will get the healing that they so deserve. This will require change across the system, from new policies and legislation to individual behaviour change; everyone will play a crucial part. So, to kick off the year, we have put forward a New Year New River challenge, which outlines simple and direct steps that could radically transform the River Medway’s health. The list is relatively long and it is not expected that you will make these transformations immediately. See it as an incremental challenge: any change is better than no change.

Good luck! And remember:

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that one missing drop” — Mother Teresa

Keep us updated with your progress #NewYearNewRiver. :)

Before starting, the ultimate #1 is to connect to the River - in whatever way feels right! Whether it be walking by the river, reciting some poetry to her, or sitting in silence and listening to the music of her waters - it will help form a relationship and ultimately friendship with the River, one that will last you a lifetime. Then, you can begin the more 'practical' journey:

I pledge to…

  1. Reduce my plastic consumption
  • I will remember to bring a reusable water bottle, coffee cup and containers with me when I go out to minimise unnecessary plastic waste
  • I will try to buy food that is not wrapped in plastic packaging (look at Forest Row’s Unwrapped for a comprehensive list and check out our No Harm Products, open every Wednesday 12pm to 6pm, to get organic, British and packaging-free products

2. Switch to eco-friendly products

  • I will switch my household cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives e.g. Bio-D
  • I will switch my toiletries to eco-friendly alternatives e.g. Faith in Nature
  • I will try to make my own cleaning products (keep your eyes peeled for related events in the future)

3. Choose local and sustainable food products  

  • I will support local and organic farmers where possible through buying local and organic produce
  • I will have a go at growing my own food (keep your eyes peeling for related events in the future)

4. Save water

  • I will turn the tap off when brushing my teeth
  • I will use a washing bowl to wash dishes
  • I will reuse ‘grey water’ from the washing bowl to feed my plants and wash my car
  • I will only flush the toilet when necessary

5. Prevent blockages

  • I will only flush the three p’s down the toilet - pee, paper and poo
  • I will keep fat/grease away from the sink or toilet

6. Only use pet flea treatments when necessary

  • I will only use pet flea treatments when required
  • I will opt for eco-friendly alternatives e.g. Billy No Mates!®, AniForte®, Herbal Dog Co® and Biospotix®

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