Grow in Frow

March 24, 2022

This month, we have had the honour of teaching Forest Row's youth how to grow their own organic vegetables. In parternship with the VENue - a youth centre in the heart of the village - we have set up three planters with rich compost, as well as a variety of different seeds - from chard, beetroot and dill. The children (between 9 and 14) are taking active care of the seeds, checking the soil to feel if it is dry on an almost daily basis. All of the age groups were very excited by the prospect of being able to pick the fruit/vegetables from the garden and cook with it, but also to witness the growing process. The seed has been planted (quite literally) and we look forward to visiting them on a monthly basis to continue to deepen their knowledge about how food grows, but also how the absence of synthetic chemicals (i.e. organic growing) is essential for the health of us, wildlife, and rivers! 

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